Asphalt Routing & Crack Sealing

Pavement cracks can lead to serious problems for your asphalt. At Ivy Property Services Inc., we can help protect your property with asphalt routing and crack sealing.

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What is Hot Crack Filling?

Hot crack filling is a commercial-grade, rubberized, MTO-approved material used on roadways, parking lots, and air strips. It is applied at 350 degrees. It is recommended to seal all cracks that are half an inch or larger in size to prevent further expansion and deterioration.


  • Low-cost way to maintain pavement
  • Guards against problematic cracks
  • Prevents water from compromising pavement’s integrity
  • Prevention of potholes
  • Reinforces asphalt pavement and prevents damage

The Crack Filling Process

This procedure involves the application of hot, rubberized sealant to the cracks along the asphalt. Ivy Property Services Inc. will fill these gaps to protect your property against water exposure along the pavement interior, sub-grade, and stone base.

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