Parking Lot Paving and Repair Services

Having a great-looking parking lot can positively affect your business’ bottom line. The more welcoming and well-maintained your property looks, the more customers will be willing to visit your establishment.

Ivy Property Services Inc. can help you get more value for your investment. When you invest in quality parking lot paving and repair services, you invest in your company’s success.

The longer you leave cracks and potholes unattended, the more costly the repairs will be. Ivy Property Services Inc. is your one-stop shop for all things asphalt-related.

Parking Lot Paving, Repair, and Installation Services

Ivy Property Services Inc. is a full-service parking lot paving and repair company that is capable of handling any size job. We provide an array of paving services, including the following:

Full Parking Lot Replacement

If your parking lot is damaged beyond repair, it may need to be completely replaced. A smooth, well-maintained asphalt parking lot not only increases curb appeal for your property, but it also ensures the safety of all who step foot in your parking lot. As a parking lot repair company in Toronto, Ivy Property Services Inc. understands the importance of quality materials and workmanship to ensure your parking lot replacement is completed with the utmost care and efficiency.

Asphalt Patching

Are areas of your parking lot broken or falling apart? You may not need a full parking lot replacement. Instead, asphalt patching is a cost-effective way to repair your damaged parking lot and prevent further deterioration from occurring. At Ivy Property Services Inc., we will clean out any potholes, cracks, or divots and patch up the area with new asphalt. We will then seal the asphalt to ensure the patch job is durable and long-lasting.

Line Painting

Line painting is a vital part of any parking lot design. It ensures that drivers know where to park and helps them safely enter and exit your property. Ivy Property Services Inc. provides asphalt line painting services for commercial and industrial parking lots, including painting handicap signs, arrows, curbs, light post bases, and more. We also only use premium-quality, ministry-approved traffic paint for all parking lot paving and painting services.

Pothole Repair

Potholes form due to wear and tear from the weather and from vehicular traffic. If not repaired immediately, potholes can cause even more damage to your parking lot and end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. With Ivy Property Services Inc.’s parking lot paving and repair service, we can repair potholes before they get worse and threaten the safety of your visitors—both on foot and in their vehicles.

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At Ivy Property Services Inc., we provide service like no other. From parking lot line painting to parking lot paving and repairs, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional asphalt paving services in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

We provide an unmatched asphalt experience and have hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it. And thanks to our safe, successful, and innovative approach, we are constantly exceeding customer expectations. Contact us today to get a free quote and to learn more about our parking lot paving and repair services.