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How to Save Money on Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping your parking lot well maintained is great way to encourage more business and make it easier for customers or clients to enter your storefront. After all, your exterior property is the first chance you get to make an impression on your visitors. But if your commercial parking lot paving and maintenance is handled by […]

5 Necessary Steps to Prepare for Parking Lot Striping

With spring in full swing and all the snow melted away, many parking lot owners may be noticing that winter weather took a toll on their property…especially the line markings. Many businesses turn to line painting services in the GTA in the spring to restore their lots. While line marking for parking lots will get […]

Why Is It Important to Do Regular Parking Lot Repairs at Your Business?

For many businesses, the parking lot is your first chance to make an impression on your prospective customers. By having regular parking lot repairs in the GTA handled by experts, you can ensure that not only does your business look pristine and well-managed right from the start, but you can also end up saving yourself […]

5 Elements of High-Quality Commercial Parking Lots

How your commercial parking lot looks is the first point of contact with the customer and will impact the customer’s first impression of your business. As such, commercial parking lot paving and commercial parking lot repairs are critical to keeping your lot looking pristine and keeping customers happy. Below you’ll discover five components of a […]

Effective Ways to Ensure Asphalt Parking Lot Safety This Winter

Anyone who has lived through a winter in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) understands just how brutal the weather can be to your home, property, and especially parking lot. Left unchecked, a parking lot damaged by winter weather can be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can […]

How Does Winter Weather Affect Your Commercial Parking Lot?

Even on a warm sunny day, navigating a commercial parking lot in Toronto can be difficult, with vehicles coming in and out, people idling their car waiting for a spot, and pedestrians and shoppers with carts. Did you know that an estimated 20% of all traffic accidents in Canada take place in parking lots? Add […]

How Frequently Does a Commercial Parking Lot Need to Be Re-Striped?

If you own an establishment with a parking lot, it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. Not only does a well-maintained parking lot improve curb appeal, but it also ensures the safety of all visitors who enter your parking lot—especially when it comes to the line marking in your parking lot. You may be […]

Pavement Line Markings: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

Lines, marking, and symbols on commercial parking lots, streets, and highways are one of the most effective ways to communicate with motorists and cyclists. Parking lot line painting provides drivers in major cities like Toronto with the rules of the road, lane boundaries, turning guides, handicapped parking, where you can stop, and emergency zones. Crosswalk […]