Why Is Asphalt Crack Sealing Important for Your Parking Lot?

Maintaining the integrity of the asphalt that comprises your parking lot is key to avoiding more expensive asphalt repair services down the line, or even the need for a full replacement of the asphalt, which can be quite costly. Getting parking lot repairs in Toronto, like crack sealing, can help mitigate these expenses. In other […]

Why Choosing Asphalt Over Concrete for Your Driveway Is the Best Choice

When it comes to driveway paving in Toronto, many homeowners are faced with the choice: asphalt or concrete? Understandably, you want a material that can withstand weather changes, daily wear and tear, and give you the most bang for your buck. While both asphalt and concrete come with their own list of pros and cons, […]

Common Signs of Asphalt Pavement Damage That Homeowners Need to Look For

Getting asphalt resurfacing in Toronto early enough can head off the need for more serious—and expensive—repairs. But first, you need to know when it’s time to call in a residential asphalt paving provider. There are many signs that might indicate that your asphalt is distressed and in need of repaving (note that it’s important to […]

How to Save Money on Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping your parking lot well maintained is great way to encourage more business and make it easier for customers or clients to enter your storefront. After all, your exterior property is the first chance you get to make an impression on your visitors. But if your commercial parking lot paving and maintenance is handled by […]

5 Necessary Steps to Prepare for Parking Lot Striping

With spring in full swing and all the snow melted away, many parking lot owners may be noticing that winter weather took a toll on their property…especially the line markings. Many businesses turn to line painting services in the GTA in the spring to restore their lots. While line marking for parking lots will get […]

8 Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Tips for the Upcoming Spring Season

Winter is gone and spring is here. But before you celebrate, the nicer weather does complicate how you’ll protect and sustain the asphalt on your property. Winter can be rough on your asphalt. After the winter thaw, if you notice cracks, divots, or worse, potholes on your property, an asphalt paving service in Toronto can […]

Why Is It Important to Do Regular Parking Lot Repairs at Your Business?

For many businesses, the parking lot is your first chance to make an impression on your prospective customers. By having regular parking lot repairs in the GTA handled by experts, you can ensure that not only does your business look pristine and well-managed right from the start, but you can also end up saving yourself […]

How Are Potholes Formed & How Can You Fix Them?

There are few bigger eyesores than a bunch of potholes dotting your asphalt. Whether on a commercial property or a home, you want to make sure that your cement and asphalt is well maintained. Not only can pothole repair services in Toronto restore your asphalt to its pristine, brand-new look, but it also makes it […]