Your Guide to Commercial Parking Lot Paving

Commercial Parking Lot Paving

Getting your commercial asphalt paving just right involves a lot of moving parts. It takes a company with experience and one that understands all these factors before starting with commercial paving in Toronto. 

If you’re looking to do commercial parking lot paving in the GTA, then you should first consult this guide to help save on costs and avoid some common missteps. Our guide to commercial asphalt paving will ensure that your lot will last longer, look better, and be more resilient.

Choose the Right Commercial Parking Lot Paving Services

The first and most important step involves finding the right provider of commercial asphalt paving. Going with an unproven provider could mean you get weaker materials, a shoddier job, or a lot that’s more prone to cracks, which will require more frequent repairs, etc. Speaking of repairs, finding a good initial provider also helps in that if you require commercial parking lot repairs in Toronto (which over time are inevitable), you can use the same one, saving you time and money.

Determine Your Needs

Not everyone needs the same asphalt services, of course. Some parking lots only need a simple repaving or a crack sealing while others may be better off with an entirely new lot. Parking lot repairs in the GTA will actually help you save a lot of money in this case. 

Provide Written Documents

Like with any major jobs on your property, you’ll want to have a written document that determines the scope and extent of what you want done to your lot. The right contractor will be sure to prepare all these for you, so make sure you work with a proven provider that knows all the appropriate steps. 

Parking Angle

You have the option between three general types of parking angles: you have sixty degrees or angled parking, forty-five degrees (better for tighter areas), and ninety-degree parking. Depending on how large or small your lot is, each parking angle offers different benefits. For instance, angled parking can be better for parking lots with narrower lanes. 

Prepare Your Lot

Before you’re ready for commercial parking lot repairs or repaving, you need to ensure that your parking lot is clean and free from debris. This is especially important during parking lot line painting in Toronto as too much debris can warp the lines and paint, which defeats the purpose of repainting in the first place. And clear lines are critically important to your lot running smoothly. 

Make Sure Your Drainage System Is Up to Date

A capable drainage system will ensure that your lot is no longer as vulnerable to one of the most dangerous elements for lots, water. Water that pools up in your lot can seep into your asphalt and begin wearing away at the foundations, lowering the lifespan of your lot. Water can also widen cracks and otherwise wreak havoc on your parking lot, costing you a lot of money in repairs and maintenance. When you’re getting commercial paving in Toronto, make sure your drainage system is not an afterthought. 

Commercial Asphalt Paving from a Proven, Reliable Provider

With our guide you should feel prepared to tackle that commercial asphalt paving job your business needs.

And with Ivy Property Services Inc. you can rest easy knowing that we have the experience necessary to deliver lasting asphalt paving as well as commercial parking lot repairs in the GTA. Whether you’re in need of repaving, repairs, or parking lot line painting in Toronto, with us, you’ll always get tough, reliable, and resilient work that saves you time and money.

No matter what asphalt job you need done—from installation and repair to asphalt crack sealing—we can handle it for you. We provide asphalt repair services, parking lot repainting, asphalt paving and repair, routing and crack sealing, sealcoating, snow removal, catch basin repairs, pothole repair services, and so much more.
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