What Is the Difference between Summer and Winter Asphalt?

While asphalt may all look the same, the fact is that there are a variety of asphalts. And one of the biggest distinctions between asphalt comes by way of the summer vs. winter asphalt divide. 

So, what exactly is the difference between summer asphalt and winter asphalt? Well, before we can answer that, we have to define each term. 

What Is Summer Asphalt?

Summer asphalt is usually available through the months of April to December and is also known as “hot asphalt.” Typically deployed in large, paved areas like parking lots, roads, and bigger driveways, to name a few, summer asphalt gets its name from being mixed at high temperatures (about 150 °C). 

This type of asphalt is best applied when the ground is warm and dry (which is why summer months are preferrable when laying it). Cooler temperatures, by contrast, will cause the mix to lose heat too quickly, preventing it from setting correctly.

What Is Winter Asphalt?

Most often laid between January and March, winter asphalt doesn’t need to be consistently heated in order to fully adhere to the ground. This makes it ideal for use in colder months. 

It is best reserved, however, for patching up holes and repairing damage in your already-placed asphalt opposed to paving larger areas. You can even store winter asphalt for later patching jobs as it does not require that constant heating. 

Which Option Is Best for You?

Beyond the time of year, which option is best for you will mostly depend on the type of job. 

If you’re doing commercial asphalt paving or residential asphalt paving for the first time (or having major repaving done) then you’re better off sticking to summer asphalt. 

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to patch up a small crack, then winter asphalt is the go-to. 

Of course, it also depends heavily on the time of year, but winter asphalt can be applied in warmer temperatures and may even be the right choice for a patch job if you have some left over. 

In any case, work with asphalt repair services experts to ensure that you’re always getting the right asphalt for your home or business. 

Residential Asphalt and Industrial Paving in the GTA You Can Rely on

Now that we know the difference between winter and summer asphalt, it’s time to bring in the experts and get the right asphalt for your property. 

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