How to Take Care of Your New Asphalt Driveway during the Summer

While many may welcome the warmth and bright skies of summer, if you own a property with asphalt you may want to temper some of that celebration. That’s because asphalt paving in Toronto actually becomes more necessary in the summer due to a number of issues brought on by warmer weather and more frequent sun.

Warmer weather can wreak havoc on your lots in a number of ways. Being aware of how to address them is the best defence. And if it’s too late, don’t worry! Ivy Property Services is always available to provide residential paving in the GTA.

Find out why you may need driveway paving in Toronto and how to take care of your driveway below.

Keep an Eye on Tire Tracks

Tire tracks can show up at any time, but they are typically more common in the summer. That’s due to the heated asphalt which causes more tire tracks to be left behind on tight and sharp turns. Once a mark is on your asphalt, there’s little that can be done to remove it other than getting residential asphalt paving or maintenance services. But being careful when driving on your asphalt is a great way to prevent those tracks.

Oil and Fuel Spots

You’re bound to see oil and fuel spots appear over time. They’re pretty much inevitable; cars run on oil, and they can and do leak. The best way to avoid any long-term negative impact to your asphalt from these spills is to clean them up as soon as they appear. Asphalt crack sealing in Toronto is also a great service to make use of here, as it will prevent the liquids from seeping deeper into the pavement.

Avoid Heavy Vehicles

While heavy vehicles always have the potential to damage your asphalt, that risk is particularly pronounced in the summer months. That’s because heated asphalt is generally softer and weaker when it’s cooking under the sun. In other words, these heavy vehicles can cause serious damage to your lot, and potentially necessitate residential asphalt paving to repair.

Avoid Parking Campers, Boats, and Trailers on the Asphalt

With summer comes some larger vehicles—campers, boats, trailers—and you have to store them somewhere when not in use. But having them placed directly on the asphalt can bring along many of the same problems highlighted above. It’s best to put a piece of plywood underneath each tire or ensure that the weight is spread evenly, or else you’ll create dips in the asphalt. 

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