How to Prevent Damages on Asphalt Caused by Spring Rain

Spring rain has a nice, pleasant ring to it, but don’t be fooled—spring rain can cause severe damage to your commercial parking lot. As an expert in asphalt paving services in Toronto, we’ve seen far too many commercial parking lots get damaged by spring weather and want to help you keep your lot pristine and unbroken.

How Does Rain Affect My Paved Driveway?

Having done commercial driveway paving in Toronto for years now, we’ve seen all kinds of damage result from spring rain.

Rain can cause havoc by seeping into your foundations and causing structural soil damage, especially if you have tiny cracks all across your property. It can also induce cracking across your pavement and make small cracks worse.

How Can This Damage Be Prevented?

The good news is that you can get commercial asphalt paving service to repair any cracks and breaks you notice on your commercial parking lot. Here are just some of the ways that commercial asphalt paving services in Toronto can help prevent further damage to your lot.

Improving Drainage

Ensuring that your business has effective drainage can help ensure that water doesn’t pool and begin to seep and degrade the soil base. An expert asphalt paving contractor in Toronto will build your lot to take advantage of grassy areas and inlets where water can be concentrated with slopes and asphalt curbing. Otherwise, porous pavement will permit the water to seep through and deteriorate the soil, which in turn will harm the pavement on the surface as it shifts.

Patching Deteriorating Asphalt

Asphalt paving services in Toronto will ensure that the water has fewer holes to permeate, meaning less opportunity for major foundational damage. Getting commercial asphalt paving services in advance of heavy spring rains can end up saving you a lot on what would otherwise be pretty heft repair costs down the line.


One of the major services of commercial paving in Toronto is sealcoating. Sealcoating is where a thin layer of sealant is spread over the pavement, ensuring that there are fewer cracks, again pre-empting that major foundational damage. You’ll get the most out of your sealcoating when done every three to five years.

Conducting Maintenance

Routine and consistent maintenance from an expert asphalt paving contractor in Toronto can help mitigate the harm spring rain can do to your pavement. What’s more is that professionals will be able to identify and catch issues before they can balloon into huge problems, saving you time and money by avoiding major repairs.

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