5 Necessary Steps to Prepare for Parking Lot Striping

With spring in full swing and all the snow melted away, many parking lot owners may be noticing that winter weather took a toll on their property…especially the line markings. Many businesses turn to line painting services in the GTA in the spring to restore their lots. While line marking for parking lots will get your lot looking pristine once more, there’s a few smart tasks you can do in advance of the service.

1. Check for Cracks and Potholes

All the painting in the world can’t cover up holes and cracks in your cement. Getting those repaired not only makes your parking lot look more well-kept, but also helps the line painting services in GTA deliver a more complete job as they won’t have to skip broken segments in your cement. And while you’re getting your cement repaired, consider sealcoating to protect your lot from the elements

2. Clean the Lot

A parking lot is a large, open-air space that sees a lot of foot and car traffic. Litter and other debris, in other words, are inevitable. Clearing all that junk away before calling in a service for parking lot line painting in Toronto will make the process go much smoother. And if you’re dealing with oil residues and hard-to-clean waste runoff, consider bringing in a cleaning service to make your job that much easier.

3. Arrange for Parking at Another Location

When the contractors arrive on-site to paint your parking lot, customers will need to find another place to park as the job takes place. Source an alternative parking location and ensure that employees, clients, tenants, and anyone else who may need to use the lot are aware of the temporary change. You’ll likely only need the parking lot for about one day as the paint dries.

4. Turn Off Your Sprinkler System

Paint won’t do much good if your parking lot is wet when it’s applied. If you have a sprinkler system, then you need to ensure that it’s off and that your parking lot is dry before contractors arrive. It’s typically best practice to turn your sprinkler system off about 12 hours in advance of the professional team’s arrival. If your lot is heavily shaded, then it’s best to take a whole day from sprinkling to guarantee your lot will be dry and ready for painting.

5. Consult with Professionals for Line Painting Services in the GTA

If you want your parking lot line painting to look pristine in all conditions, consider working with an asphalt paving company and line marking service.

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