8 Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Tips for the Upcoming Spring Season

Winter is gone and spring is here. But before you celebrate, the nicer weather does complicate how you’ll protect and sustain the asphalt on your property.

Winter can be rough on your asphalt. After the winter thaw, if you notice cracks, divots, or worse, potholes on your property, an asphalt paving service in Toronto can repair or repave your lot and leave it looking better than ever. But you’ll need to maintain that new paving job with careful maintenance.

Whether you’re in need of full asphalt paving in Toronto or want some tips to keep your asphalt going strong through the next year, let’s take a look at eight tips that will help you keep your asphalt looking pristine.

Clear Winter Debris

Winter may be gone, but it likely left a few unwelcome parting gifts on your lot. You’ll need to clear that debris and any residual pools of water on your lot as soon as you can. Debris is usually composed of dead leaves, road salt, broken bits of asphalt, etc.

You’ll also want to clear the winter leftovers sooner rather than later, so that they don’t clog your drainage systems—not to mention make your lot look ill-kept!

Flush Catch Basins

With all that debris gone, next you’ll want to clear your catch basins. Otherwise, the road salt, gravel, and other winter detritus may end up backing up the catch basin, which could result in some serious flooding and damage to your lot if not addressed.

To flush your catch basins, you’ll need some high-pressure water. If you don’t have a source of high-pressure water, you can get an asphalt paving contractor in Toronto to come in and help, as they’ll have the tools necessary to thoroughly clean your catch basin.

Fix Asphalt Cracks & Other Damages

After the winter snow has cleared, you may find that heavy winter equipment, heavy snow, or even just regular water damage has left your asphalt with cracks, holes, and other signs of damage.

You’ll want to get commercial asphalt paving in right away to get those broken patches fixed.

Not only does this make your lot look much better, but it will also help prevent further damage from occurring. What’s more, with asphalt paving services in Toronto, you’ll have experts identify if there are any issues in your asphalt that need to be addressed immediately before further damage can spread (like if you are suffering from foundational water damage).

Sealcoat Regularly

Sealcoating is among the best ways to ensure that your asphalt will not only look great, but also be more resilient in the face of the elements as the years go by.

What exactly is it? It’s a layer of protection for your asphalt that can protect it against sun damage, water damage, chemical exposure, and so much more.

It’s a good idea to get sealcoating done regularly (about once every two years at least). Hire on premier asphalt paving services in Toronto to get sealcoating that you can rely on.

Touch Up Your Paint Job

If you’re beginning to see some fading in your parking lot lines, then you’re better off getting your paint touched up. What’s more, spring is typically the best season to do this as you’ll get the most out of your paint job before it is once again subjected to the harsh treatment of elements.

You’ll want to paint your parking lines, speed bumps, loading zones, and other directions on the pavement. This helps your lot function more efficiently and look more professional. Not to mention, it also reduces accidents and confusion on your property.

Repair Water Breaks

One of the most potentially damaging issues to your parking lot, you’ll want to check up on the underground pipes to ensure that they haven’t broken and begun to wear away at the foundation of your lot.

Again, commercial asphalt paving services will come in and be able to identify if the damage that you’re seeing is being potentially caused by a broken water pipe. In any case, whatever the problem, until you have it fixed, you’ll see damage crop up on the surface continually as the water continues to wreak havoc below.

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

As with all maintenance, the key to keeping your asphalt in the best shape possible is regularly cleaning it and keeping to a set, defined cleaning schedule.

With regular maintenance, you can clear away any litter that has accumulated in the spring that could end up clogging your water basin if not dealt with, which in turn will cause more severe damage down the line.

This also has the added bonus of making your lot look that much cleaner and more professional.

Hire Professionals to Clean Up Your Pavement

Keeping your asphalt maintained can be a great investment. Not only will it save money in the long run should you catch severe foundational issues early, but you’ll also get your property looking great which, in turn, will get customers spending more and increase your property value.

If you’re looking for commercial asphalt paving or residential asphalt paving, then you want to work with Ivy Property Services Inc.

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