5 Elements of High-Quality Commercial Parking Lots

How your commercial parking lot looks is the first point of contact with the customer and will impact the customer’s first impression of your business. As such, commercial parking lot paving and commercial parking lot repairs are critical to keeping your lot looking pristine and keeping customers happy.

Below you’ll discover five components of a well-kept and high-quality commercial parking lot.

Effortless Integration and Expansion

Whether you’re repatching/repairing some of the older parts of your lot or looking to expand, there should be no visible disconnect between the new work and the original lot.

In other words, your commercial parking lot should look and feel like it all fits together, instead of being a patchwork amalgamation of different colours, textures, materials, etc.

Good Gravel Foundation

At the base of your parking lot is a gavel foundation. And if that gravel base is not set correctly, then you’re going to see the consequences appear in your parking lot.

A poorly set gravel base will cause the asphalt upper layer to crack and break under the weight of traffic. In the worst cases, you’ll begin to see asphalt crumbling.

Ensure that your gravel base is appropriately set and composed of the right materials.

Effective Drainage

Water can be one of the most dangerous enemies of your commercial parking lot. Many commercial parking lot repairs are a result of poor drainage.

If rain and snow collect and form puddles on your parking lot, the water will seep through the asphalt, weakening the bonding and affecting the gravel base beneath. The asphalt will eventually crumble, and worse yet, the lot will be affected by the water entering the gravel base.

Your lot will need drains and inlets to receive water, asphalt curbing to direct water into said drains, and slopes in areas to focus runoff, among other solutions.

Steady Maintenance

As mentioned, how your parking lot looks can say a lot about your business. It’s therefore important that you fix seemingly small or minor cracks and imperfections as they appear.

This has a twofold benefit: First, your business looks presentable, and second, the preventative care can help prevent larger issues from developing down the line.

Efficient Design and Layout

We’ve all been in a parking lot that just doesn’t work. It’s poorly laid out and causes frustration before you even enter a business. This is hardly the mindset we want to cultivate if we’re trying to get someone to buy from our businesses.

Ensuring that the lot is designed to move traffic smoothly through it, entrances and exists are easily accessible, and there is appropriate signage to help direct traffic, can all go a long way towards improving the customer experience and, in the best-case scenario, drive up sales.

Top Parking Lot Repairs in Toronto

Keeping your parking lot looking great is an ongoing process. That’s why Ivy Property Services Inc. is here to provide industry-best parking lot repairs in Toronto.

Whether its parking lot repainting, asphalt paving and repair, routing and crack sealing, sealcoating, snow removal, catch basin repairs, or pothole repair services, we can handle it.

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