7 Reasons Why Your Asphalt Paving Is Cracking

We’ve all seen it: cracked and sundered asphalt. It’s not pretty and it can present a hazard to drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and pretty much anyone and anything that will travel over it. Since providing premier asphalt paving services in Toronto is our job, let’s examine the top seven reasons why you may see asphalt cracking, so that you can prevent it from happening in the future.

Too Much Stress

This is one is pretty intuitive—your asphalt is under a lot of pressure, all the time. Cars weighing thousands of pounds are rolling over it day in and day out. Fractures, often called “alligator cracking” due to its resemblance to the scales of an alligator’s back, develop because of overweight vehicles driving over it or large amounts of weight remaining stationary on the asphalt for long periods of time.

You can avoid these cracks by ensuring the asphalt on your lot is able to sustain the weight of all vehicles making use of it (even the heavier ones) and having larger stationary loads moved from time to time. It is unavoidable, however, that damage will result over time from wear and tear.

Tree Roots

We think of trees as stationary, but we know that just beneath the ground they host sprawling networks of roots that are constantly on the move, albeit slowly. These roots can sometimes grow too close to the surface, damaging the asphalt and leading to cracks as they grow.

A great way to prevent this type of cracking is by taking care when selecting which trees to plant near your lot and the best distance to keep them at to avoid factures. If there’s already a number of trees that are causing asphalt cracks, then it’s time to call in asphalt repair services.

Water Damage

Water begins its assault on your asphalt on day one. Rain and water runoff will wear away at the sand and gravel foundations, causing shifts and breaks in the surface of the asphalt. During winter, water will wind its way into cracks, freeze then expand, causing those cracks to enlarge further.

Asphalt crack sealing in Toronto (and other cities that can suffer harsh winters) is especially necessary as it helps reduce the amount of damage that water can cause.

Sun Damage

Water isn’t the only natural element interested in damaging your asphalt—you’ll have to contend with the sun, too. On hot and sunny days, the pavement will have all its moisture dry up and crack, not unlike dry skin does. The sun can even break down some of the substances in the material of the asphalt which in turn leads to cracking.

Again, getting asphalt crack sealing in Toronto and other cities where the sun can be a menace is critical to preventing these cracks. But as with water and wear and tear, you can’t totally prevent all damage.

Ground Movement

The ground is constantly on the move, even if it seems immobile to the naked eye. Seasonal shifts, heavy rains, and soil erosion are just a few of the primary causes of ground movement. The shifting in the ground will create pressure points on your asphalt as the foundations are warped, causing breaks.

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to prevent the ground from moving. But routine asphalt repair services can reduce long-term damage and costs as well as keep your asphalt looking like new.

Poor Pavement Installation

If you’re seeing cracks occur in your asphalt just a few months after installation, the problem is most likely due to improper installation or the use of cheaper, weaker materials. For instance, some contractors will use lighter materials in the base to save on costs, not compact the pavement foundation properly, or not set the foundations deep enough, to name a few of the most common mistakes.

The best way to prevent this is to hire on a reputable and reliable asphalt paving company. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Everything wears away with age; the ravages of time don’t take it any easier on asphalt. Years of having cars driving over it (and remember that the larger the vehicles/more stationary larger loads, the more damage you’ll see) will take its toll. Newer asphalt has a degree of flexibility that disappears over time. Couple that with the general attacks of water, sun, weight, gravity, ground movement, and trees, and it’s impossible to maintain that day one look and feel forever.

As with all things age-related, the key prescription is maintenance. Tackling problems as they occur and not allowing cracks to grow into larger problems down the line can make a world of difference to your asphalt. Routine maintenance is also great at reducing the amount of damage you’ll see from the other factors listed above.

Get Premier Asphalt Paving Services in Toronto

When it comes to asphalt crack sealing in Toronto, asphalt paving services in Toronto, or asphalt repair services in general, Ivy Property Services guarantees quality workmanship using the finest materials to deliver a product you can be proud of.

The simple fact is that asphalt will come under attack from nature, time, and people, so cracks are inevitable. While preventing them will help reduce the amount of work you need done, if you want to keep your asphalt looking pristine and remain safe for drivers, then you’ll need to make use of asphalt repair services.

Ivy Property Services can handle jobs of any size. We are your one-stop-shop for all your asphalt-related needs. Whether its parking lot repainting, asphalt paving and repair, routing and crack sealing, sealcoating, snow removal, catch basin repairs, or pothole repair services, we can handle it.

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