What Effect Does Snow Have on Asphalt Pavement?

If you have reopened your business and are preparing for the holiday season, be sure that you are prepared to handle the impact that snow and ice will have on your asphalt pavement. You must be sure that you promptly remove snow from your driveway and parking lot, not just to keep your customers safe, but also to prevent damage to your asphalt surface.

What effect does snow have on asphalt pavement? How does the cold weather impact asphalt? Here is everything you need to know about how cold weather and snow can negatively impact the integrity of your asphalt paving, and how our snow removal and commercial paving company in Toronto can help prevent any weather-related damage.

The Effects of Cold Weather on Asphalt

Asphalt pavement is usually laid and rolled out in layers and then it is compacted. This typically takes place in the optimal paving season which is the spring or summer. If paving is done too early or too late during the year, it will be more susceptible to damage since cold weather impedes the compaction process.

The compaction process involves packing down asphalt, which makes it very dense, hard, and durable. It needs to be this way so that when the cold weather hits, the mixture is bound tightly to prevent cracking and damage. Asphalt paving contractors in Toronto will use special tools to accurately estimate compaction time if they need to lay asphalt in colder weather. This will ensure that durability and longevity is not compromised.

Continually Freezing and Thawing

Since water expands when it freezes and contracts as it thaws, piles of snow and ice that accumulates on your asphalt can be disastrous. Asphalt heats up during the day when the sun beats down on the black surface. But at night when the temperatures cool and the melted snow re-freezes and turns to ice, this expansion can create chips, cracks, and even potholes in your parking lot and driveway.


Snowplows are a major help during winter. They ensure all the snow is taken away to make your pavement walkable and driveable. But your asphalt can be at risk if the snow removal crew is inexperienced or does not know how to protect the underlying pavement. Keep an eye on your pavement over the winter, and check for scrape marks when the season is over. Snowplows should remove the snow, not scratch up your pavement. If you have existing scratches and damage from last winter, our commercial asphalt paving team can provide you with sealcoating to fix and repair the damage.

Pools of Melting Snow

One of the benefits of black asphalt pavement is that the dark colour absorbs the heat from the sun and helps the snow to melt quickly. This becomes a problem when the melted snow begins to pool up in a certain area. When this pooling water freezes, it can become a hazard to anyone who steps or drives on your pavement. Asphalt paving services in Toronto can provide you with options like porous asphalt surfaces that allow melted snow to filter back down into the ground.

Road Salt Considerations

Salt is an important part of de-icing a parking lot. Business owners will often spread salt on their walkways to prevent customers and employees from slipping and injuring themselves as they enter your property. However, many of these de-icing formulas are not only dangerous to the environment, but they also dry out and wear down the appearance of your asphalt. A better way to prevent ice from forming in the first place is to have an ongoing snow removal system in place. Preventing snow from accumulating on your driveway and parking lot will prevent ice from forming and creating situations where you will need to use road salt.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Asphalt Pavement

There are many benefits of upgrading your asphalt pavement before the winter weather arrives. Some of the advantages of working with an asphalt paving company in Toronto are:

  • Sealing cracks prevents water and snow damage
  • Sealcoating creates a strong barrier to prevent damage from snow removal and freezing weather
  • Weatherproofing prevents moisture-related damage
  • It extends the lifespan of your pavement
  • It enhances the aesthetics of your property
  • It minimizes oxidation which can affect the integrity of the pavement
  • Maintenance prevents costly future damages

Promptly Repair Asphalt Damage with Ivy Property Services Inc.

Autumn is here and now is the perfect time to treat your pavement before the winter comes. Cold weather and snow can wreak havoc on your pavement, so getting ahead of it by preparing your pavement for the holiday season will save you a lot of trouble down the road. If you’re looking for the right team with experience and professionalism, we’re here to help you.

Ivy Property Services Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all things asphalt-related. We specialize in parking lot and driveway asphalt paving in Toronto. Our services also include asphalt routing, crack sealing, and line painting. We can transform the look of your pavement, so your property looks more aesthetically pleasing and professional. We offer customized solutions for residential and private commercial customers in and around the GTA and Southern Ontario. With fast turnaround times, exceptional customer service, and great estimates, we are your first choice for asphalt paving.

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