Important Factors That Can Impact Your Asphalt Paving Cost

If you are looking at your parking lot or driveway and realize that your asphalt needs an upgrade, there are quality asphalt paving services in Toronto that can make your asphalt look brand new.

Asphalt is one of the most popular paving choices because it is cost-effective and affordable. When it is applied properly and maintained, it can last for decades. However, there are different factors that can impact how much it will cost to have your asphalt re-paved. Here are some of the factors to know about.

Total Square Footage

When planning your asphalt paving project in Toronto, you should consider the size of coverage that you need. Long and wide pavements will need much more base material, time, labour, and asphalt to complete. The depth of the site will also impact the cost.

Although the density can vary between asphalt mixes, there is a standard value that companies will use to estimate the cost. If you have a large project, you may be able to get a reduced bulk rate.

Permit Requirements

If you have asphalt that connects to a public road, you must be sure that your paving meets the necessary requirements of the municipality in which you live. You may need a permit, or you may need to change your plans to meet these requirements.

It is also important to know that acquiring permits and making changes to meet these requirements may increase the cost of your project.

Quality of the Base

The higher quality base, the more durable it will be. That said, the higher quality the material, the  more expensive it will be.

The key to getting the best return on investment is working with asphalt paving contractors in Toronto that can help you minimize costs and maximize the quality of your project.

Material Type

The type of asphalt you used to pave your driveway or parking lot will impact the cost. You can choose a hot mix, warm mix, porous, or recycled asphalt.

Discussing your interests and goals with your supplier can help you get the best quality work done within your budget.

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