Why Summer Is the Best Time to Do Asphalt Paving in Toronto

Summer is the perfect time to host a barbeque or head to the beach for some fun in the sun. But did you know that the warm weather and sunshine also make it the perfect time to get asphalt paving work done on your commercial or residential property?

Asphalt works best when it’s laid down during warm weather. Summer also provides the ideal climate for workers, compared to the cold and rainy days in our other seasons.

Keep reading for all the reasons why summer is the best time to do asphalt paving and why you should hire an asphalt paving contractor in Toronto to get the job done for you this season.

The Material Remains Stable

Asphalt is made up of aggregates such as gravel, sand, crushed rock, and slag; a binder, which is usually bitumen; and fillers, such as limestone dust and other minerals.

In order for the asphalt mixture to set properly and maintain a stable consistency, the temperature outside needs to remain stable, too. Typically, warmer weather allows the asphalt to stay soft and pliable; meanwhile, colder temperatures cause the asphalt to harden, which might shorten its lifespan significantly and affect its stability. 

This is why most asphalt paving contractors in Toronto prefer to perform asphalt paving services during the spring, summer, and fall. Hot mix asphalt must be kept at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. If it cools down too much before it is laid, it limits the window of time that asphalt pavers have to complete the job and it may cause problems when trying to lay the asphalt correctly.

Summer Has Longer Days

It’s no secret that the summer months have more hours of sunshine compared to the winter months. Because of this, asphalt paving contractors in Toronto have more time to complete the job—especially if it’s a large project like a commercial parking lot.

The more daylight hours workers have each day, the less days the project will take, which could save you money on labour costs.

It also means that workers can bring the hot mix asphalt with them without fear that it will cool down fast. Typically, asphalt paving companies will use machines and equipment to smooth out the asphalt mixture. Sometimes, they will need to rake the asphalt by hand.

When the workers can take their time to ensure that the work is done well and on schedule, it also means that you can get back to using your asphalt parking lot or driveway sooner than later.

The Sealant Dries Quicker

Hot mix asphalt isn’t the only material that performs better in warmer temperatures; the same can be said for asphalt sealants.

After an asphalt paving contractor in Toronto finishes laying the asphalt, they will likely apply a high-quality, breathable latex sealant to protect the pavement from harsh weather conditions and wear and tear.

When the asphalt is hot, the sealant can be better absorbed by the asphalt, and it dries much quicker in summer temperatures compared to colder temperatures. The sooner the sealant dries, the sooner you’ll be able to walk or drive on the asphalt paving, which means you’ll be able to get back to your day-to-day life faster.

It’s important for the sealant to dry properly because it needs to bond together with the materials in the asphalt.

Less Risk of Inclement Weather

During the summer months, we are blessed with warmer weather, sunnier days, and a lower chance of rain and snow. Because of this, it provides the perfect environment to lay asphalt.

Rain and snow will actually cause the asphalt to cool too fast when it’s being laid and therefore make it difficult for bonding to occur.

While we do get some rainy days in the summer, an asphalt paving contractor in Toronto can easily plan around the weather conditions since storms will show up on the weather report a few days in advance. This means that they can still get the asphalt paving project done efficiently and they won’t need to delay the project for extended periods of time to work around mother nature.

In the winter months, asphalt pavers don’t have as much flexibility to plan around the weather conditions, since most days are cold and wet. Unfortunately, inclement weather can ruin the asphalt paving materials and pose a safety risk to workers.

Fewer Disruptions

Similar to how weather can cause disruptions for asphalt paving services in Toronto, so can our lifestyles.

If you’re looking to hire an asphalt paving contractor in Toronto to pave your residential driveway, you need to consider your lifestyle, because it may require you to stay off the pavement for a few days.

The summer is the perfect time to get your driveway paved, because your kids will be off school, and your daily routine can more easily be adjusted to accommodate the paving work.

That said, more people are likely to be on vacation during the summer months, which means you have the option of leaving town during the paving project, so it will cause even less disruption to your daily life.

The same applies to commercial properties. No business owner wants to shut down their parking lot—even if it’s only for a day—in order to get maintenance performed. Since the summer months tend to be slower for some businesses due to all the people who head up north to the cottage or spend quality time with family, you can minimize disruptions to your business by getting asphalt paving completed on your property when it’s less in use.

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